2013 Toronto Auto Show: Cadillac reaches out to younger drivers

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Cadillac’s booth at the auto show is filled with luxury and high performance vehicles. For people who love racing, there’s also a race car and the opportunity for you to take your Cadillac out on to a track.

This year’s booth is a reflection of Cadillac’s bid to appeal to younger people.

“Cadillac is probably more of a family or an executive vehicle, what we’re trying to do also is bring this to more of a level of young people that didn’t think of getting into a Cadillac before, thinking that it could be their grandfather’s vehicle or for an older person,” said Serge Dubois, a consultant for General Motors who focuses on auto shows.

Dubois said the most impressive vehicle at this year’s Cadillac booth is the 2013 ATS, a new introduction this year that has racked up a slew of awards and honours.

Dubois had a chance to test one just before Christmas and said he was surprised with the vehicle’s road worthiness, manoeuvrability and power. The seats are comfortable for highway driving and it’s a quiet vehicle.

“It is very solid,” he said.

The ATS is open, so you can climb in and test out the seats and interior for yourself on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre floor.

You can also sit inside a Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade has been refreshed this year, sporting a new grille, LED rear lighting and new front fascia.

“It’s mostly used by companies or by executives wanting comfortable transport from one place to another but also make a statement,” Dubois said.

If you go to the auto show and decide to buy an ATS, CTS or CTS-V — or if you already own one of those cars — you can sign up for Cadillac’s Driver Academy, which occupies a special section of the booth.

“It brings them to a racetrack so that they can, under a controlled environment, have some training and then take their vehicle on the track and ride.”

For kids who aren’t old enough to take a Cadillac to a racetrack, or drive at all, they can dream on by looking at the Cadillac Racing CTS-V. It’s painted with racing stripes and sports a 556-horsepower supercharged 6.2-L LSA V8 engine.


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2013 is the final year Chevrolet Avalanche

The final announcement has been given — this will be the last year of the Chevy Avalanche, according to a recent press release issued by General Motors. The 2013 model year will be the end of the line for one of the first comfort-prioritized pickup truck derivatives.

When introduced for the 2002 model year, nothing looked or acted like the Avalanche with its unique styling and segment-first midgate that broke through what was traditionally a solid wall between the bed and cab. Perhaps more important, its overall design changed the way truck buyers understood what kind of tradeoffs they had to accept. No longer did they have to view their pickup as a ride and comfort compromise.

This new concept of a well-equipped light-duty four-door pickup that could tow, haul and carry the family attracted enough interest to produce as many as 93,482 sales in 2003, its third full year of production. Recognizing the appeal, other truckmakers began developing light-duty crew cab pickups as well. Now, nearly 65 percent of all light-duty pickup sales are trucks with four full-size doors, and the unique look, clever bed storage and removable hardtop just added to its tremendous flexibility.

Through it all, the Avalanche retained a core of passionate fans who still appreciate its style, comfort and versatility. Two big highlights for the Avalanche include being named the 2002 Motor Trend Truck of the Year when first introduced and also the 2007 Truck of the Year by the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada (the same year it released the new second-generation Avalanche).

The vehicle was originally offered in both half-ton and 3/4-ton configurations, but when the second-generation model was designed, GM could no longer afford to allow the low-volume option. Today, it is available in LS, LT and LTZ models, with 2WD and 4WD, and has always used the Suburban platform as its underpinnings.

Storage compartments alongside the bed area provide a good amount of usable and lockable storage with drains that can weep moisture in case the box is filled with ice and used as a drink cooler.

As noted, the Avalanche is based on GM’s full-size Suburban/Yukon XL SUV platform, offering a maximum towing capacity of 8,100 pounds (3,674 kg). It is powered by the Vortec 5.3L V-8 with cylinder-deactivating Active Fuel Management technology and a Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic.

In honor of this bitter/sweet celebration, GM is offering the 2013 Black Diamond special edition. The package will offer body-colored bed surrounds, unique badging, extra features on LS and LT models, and a lower overall price across the lineup.

“More than 580,000 Avalanches have been sold since its introduction in late 2001, and Avalanche has won major awards and recognitions throughout its run,” said Mark Clawson, Avalanche marketing manager.  “So it is only fitting that Avalanche retires on a high note.”

For 2013, a backup camera, rear park assist, power-adjustable pedals, fog lamps and remote start will be added as standard equipment on LS models, while LT models have added a standard backup camera. Base prices are reduced $2,500 (after equipment adjustments) with the 2WD Avalanche LS, which now starts at $35,980 (excluding $995 for shipping)

“Although Avalanche sales have tapered off in recent years, as crew cabs have grown to dominate Silverado sales, we know there are many Avalanche enthusiasts among Chevy customers,” said Clawson “The Black Diamond Avalanche is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ and making it just a little more attractive to own one more Avalanche.”

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From:pickuptrucks.com Mark Williams

Test before you buy!



So you’ve done all the research and you know what type of car you want or maybe even the exact model, but you haven’t tried it out. Don’t you dare pluck down that cash before you take a test drive! WE AGREE!


Ask Patty has put together some tips for you to take with you to the car lot. Jot down these questions or print them out and make sure you skim through them before driving off into the sunset.

Before you go on that test drive, check how well made the vehicle is. Are the gaps even between the hood and the fenders? Is the paint smooth? Under the hood, is the wiring neatly bundled and are the metal edges smooth?


  • Is the car easy to get into and out of?
  • Make sure to sit in the back seat. Will there be enough room for your passenger’s legs, bags, etc?
  • Is there room for a child car seat if you need one?
  • Does the driver’s seat support your thighs and the small of your back? It is very important to note this because it might not bother you on a 10 minute test drive, but the first long drive or traffic-filled commute will tell you if the support here is lacking, so check now!
  • Can you comfortably reach all the controls?


Once you are behind the wheel check these things:

  • Are the gauges easy to read?
  • Does the steering wheel obstruct your view?
  • Must you change position to see any gauges?
  • Does glare make them hard to see?


Check it before you leave the dealer’s lot.

  • Make sure all lights turn on and knobs/buttons work like they are supposed to.
  • Can you reach all of the controls without moving far out of position?
  • Are there any protrusions that would be dangerous if you were thrown forward in a sudden stop?


This can be difficult to judge, but these quick tests will point out danger spots.

  • Is the top rim of the steering wheel lower than your shoulders? If it isn’t, it may interfere with your line of sight.
  • Squirt the windshield-wiper fluid, run the wipers and look for any areas that the wipers don’t reach. They might reduce your vision at night and in bad weather.
  • Once you’re on the road, check the passenger-side mirror for blind spots. Does a car passing on the right disappear momentarily from the mirror, only to suddenly reappear seconds later by your side?


You should feel comfortable and safely in control of the car at all times.

  • Notice how soft or hard the ride is and make sure it is what you prefer.
  • Does it hurt or jar your back? Are uncomfortable in any way?
  • Remember that you can expect a somewhat stiffer ride from a sporty or performance car.
  • When you reach a quiet parking lot, try a few sharp turns at low speed. Make a right, a left and a U-turn. Does the car lean too much from side to side?
  • Check the vehicle’s turning circle. Can you make a U-turn on a residential street in one continuous motion?
  • Does the car “dance” over rough or bumpy surfaces?


A slight turn of the steering wheel should elicit a quick response. The car should be easy to steer and provide enough power to eliminate hard work but not so you feel you aren’t in control. On a straight stretch, relax your grip on the steering wheel. The car should remain on a steady course.


The steering wheel should turn easily and sharply. Note the number of turns it takes from wheel lock to wheel lock. A tip: the fewer the turns, the better.

Brake test

ABS brakes safety video are standard on many cars. They electronically prevent a car’s wheels from locking up on slippery or dusty surfaces and let you continue steering to maintain control of your car. It will feel weird when it is engaged… read on to test it.On an empty road with no obstacles and no other car in sight, step on the brake pedal as hard as you can. The ABS should bring the car to a controlled stop. You may feel some “Catching” or push back on the brake pedal when you do this and this is normal. It will feel strange, but if the car locks up or skids, this is not a good thing.


Now find out whether the car is powerful enough around town.

See how easily you can merge into traffic from the interstate ramp. Can you reach highway speed easily and maintain that pace? Do you feel safe doing it?Is there enough power to easily pick up 10 mph and overtake the car in front of you? With the air-conditioning on high, do you still have enough power to pass? Most people forget to check this.

How quiet is it?

You want a car to be as quiet as possible, but noise is hard to judge. Check out this test:

  • Before you get on the highway, close the windows, slow down to about 20 mph and turn on the radio so it’s at a comfy level–no loud thumping. Note how many times you have to turn up the volume to keep the same sound level as you accelerate to 55 mph. In a quiet car, you shouldn’t have to increase the volume more than once or twice, and then only slightly.

When you finally get back to the dealership, do a final rundown of the car’s comfort and convenience features. With all of this detailed research you will definitely know if this is the car for you.

Source: Nov 29, 2007  7:21 AM by Ask Patty

We love kids!! Why Williamson Uxbridge is a family business that walks the walk!

Williamson Uxbridge has been family owned and operated by the Williamson Family since 1947 and to this day that legacy continues. The latest addition to that legacy is Maddox, Jim and Tracey Williamson’s boy.

It is important to us that our smaller customers are just as comfortable as our full size customers at Williamson Uxbridge.

As a child we loved special places that are just ours, like forts and secret clubs and I know as a parent when someone makes my children feel special I feel it two-fold!

Kids Zone in our Sales department. No adults allowed!

We have created some great areas for Williamson‘s smaller and in most cases cuter customers to colour, play, watch movies and eat snacks.

Kids Zone in our Service lounge. Adults welcome to try too!



Our service lounge is a self-serve kitchen with a fridge full of complimentary cold beverages along side the coffee and tea in addition to bagels and all kinds of options for you to have a snack.

Enjoy a complimentary hot or cold beverage or snack in our service lounge




Mi casa su casa, our house is your house

We understand how valuable your time is and if you are considering changing vehicles or having service done you don’t have to worry, your whole family is welcome at Williamson Uxbridge.

We have a portable dvd player and movies for your kids(or you) to enjoy




help yourself !




Any kids you know like colouring? chocolate? Easter egg hunts? Great wolf lodge? Dora & Diego? If you answered yes to any of those you need to check out our colouring contest.

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